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Over its solid history of over 50 years, ASHOMECH has always supported our customers to the fullest extent possible. As proof of this, ASHOMECH has won – twice – ESAB's award for All-India Best Dealer in the Gas Cutting division. As well, we have won ESAB’s award for All-India 2nd Best Dealer in the Equipment division.

However, we go much beyond just selling a range of products. Leveraging our exemplary engineering expertise and our intense insight into industrial requirements, we not only educate our customers about the perfect match up of products with respect to the processes involved but also ideate and/or facilitate the development of new materials, new parts, and new equipment for the unique and/or critical needs and the crucial goals of our customers.

Here, we present just a few such instances involving some of our biggest clients.

RINL – Visakhapatnam Steel Plant1997

  • Need: Cutting of massive steel ingots of thickness varying from 200mm to 300mm In this application, gas torches cannot penetrate deep enough and saws would consume a lot of time.

    ASHOMECH hit upon the idea of using an air-driven jet of abrasive powder to do the cutting and, then, conveyed this requirement to L-Tec who subsequently created the abrasive powder and the necessary machine for the cutting.
  • Goal: Indigenous procurement of GEGA torches & hexagonal nozzles for continuous casting machines, electro/permanent magnets, and service support for the Electrical Repair Workshop At the time, availability of spare parts and updated equipment from Russia was proving to be a problem. Thinking ahead, the management of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant was determined to avoid the problems that could arise. ASHOMECH identified the best indigenously available products that would serve as upgrades including magnets & Control panels for magnets.

Indian Navy – Naval Dockyard, Visakhapatnam1992 to 1998

  • Goal: Indigenization of submarine welding electrodes & equipment Many of the Indian Navy’s craft were of Russian make. Thus, the Indian Navy was using specialized submarine welding electrodes also of Russian make. Also, the times were such that welding consumables from Russia were difficult to procure. Mr. Ashok Kumar Gupta identified an international manufacturer with an Indian presence – D&H – and we relayed the Indian Navy’s requirements to them. D&H agreed and committed to indigenous production of the required equipment and welding consumables with D&H doing the procurement on behalf of the Indian Navy.

    Also, ASHOMECH helped develop Russian-equivalent multi-operator welding equipment with indigenous ESAB Multi-Operator. This is successfully being used in fabrication works till date.
  • Need: Safety upgrade of the entire gas pipeline network in the Naval Dockyard The same year, having realized that many aspects and parts of the gas pipeline network could give rise to problems in the future, the Naval Dockyard undertook a thorough overhaul and upgrade of the pipeline network. ASHOMECH advised the decision makers on the best indigenously available flashback arrestors (FR63) and other safety devices and products required. As well, we educated the key personnel on the relevant processes leading to a successful upgrade.
  • Need: Approval of chemicals for testing of submarines and other HPVs Concurrent with the indigenization of welding equipment and the safety upgrade of the gas pipeline network, the Indian Navy also decided to identify indigenously available chemicals such as NDT chemicals and fluorescent chemicals to maintain testing standards. ASHOMECH was a key advisor on aspects of the approval process as well as the selection of appropriate chemicals.

South Asia LPG Group (SALPG) 2008

  • Need: Introduction of high-pressure Nitrogen regulators during construction of undersea rock-cut LPG storage cavern SALPG is a joint venture (50:50) between Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL and Total Gas & Power India (TGPI – a wholly owned subsidiary of Total, France which is one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world). On a develop-own-operate basis, SALPG commissioned an underground rock-cut-cavern storage facility for 60,000 MT of gas – the largest single point LPG storage facility in India, and also the first of its kind in India as well as in South & South East Asia. ASHOMECH supported the contractor – L&T (ECC) with High pressure Nitrogen Regulators and Gas equipment (of ESAB make) for undersea cave welding process.